Setting A Morning Routine – It’s Easy When You Know How!

Ah, parenthood. Isn’t it grand? The exhaustion is especially delectable when you’re trying to coordinate more children than you have hands – and when was the last time you ate a hot meal with two hands? Yeah, I get it, it’s tough.

However, the key to coordinating the kids – especially on those busy mornings right before school – is in the routine. Once you have a great routine down, everything can run smoothly. The problem? Getting the routine in place. You can’t press pause on your average day while you try and get the routine down pat, so you have to try to cultivate an atmosphere where you can get everyone in line. That’s the tough bit. Don’t worry though; it can be done. Millions of parents are out there are tearing their hair out just like you, so let’s talk through a morning routine that will prevent you from being late for school and late for work. Efficiency is the aim of the game; so, let’s get efficient!

  • Plan Ahead. Okay, so you know your routes to work and route to school, including carpool. You need to plan ahead for any issues on the road, so checking the traffic on CT Travel can really help you out here. You should also think to put out school clothes the night before, pack the lunches into the refrigerator and get your own lunch ready, too.
  • Set The Alarm. You need two of these. You need one for you and one for the children. Set yours half an hour before they wake up so you have time to wake up, shower and get dressed in your own time. It can make a massive difference to the rushing of the day if you start before the children. You may even get time to set out breakfast ready for their alarm to go off.
  • Follow The Clock. If you have to get out of the house for a certain time in the morning, then make sure that you give the kids enough time to eat breakfast, brush their teeth and wash their faces and then to get dressed for the day. Go by half an hour at a time, starting with their breakfast.
  • Make It a Game. Children are competitive, and if you can make getting ready for school a race with stickers and reward charts, you’re going to have very excitable children on your hands. Allow them to choose their own stickers and sit together to write the routine on a large sheet of paper for the wall. After a certain number of stickers, you can have a reward. After a while, you can rely on the kids to know their routine without needing the stickers anymore.

Morning routines don’t have to be stressful; it’s all about how you manage it all. If you can take the time to set the routine with the kids, you’ll be able to relax a little and forget the frazzled feeling after school drop-off.