A Great Work/life Balance – Is It Possible?

Imagine how amazing life would be if you could work doing something which you are passionate about! All too often we fall into work routines which offer nothing more than financial gain. As life progresses we take on more and more financial commitments which all require a certain level of income to be sustained. Once we become used to a certain income level, we become cautious about taking risks in our work life, There is a saying “that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence”, so even though you may dream about changing career or starting your own business, it is likely that you will take the safe option of doing nothing.

Life is too short to feel dissatisfied! If you have a dream, follow it, or at least research the possibility of achieving it, if it’s not possible you will have at least tried. Many people have hobbies which have enabled them to develop skills which could be useful or sought after for financial gain. Perhaps you are a fantastic amateur artist, a great baker or enjoy creating websites in your spare time. If you can offer a service or saleable product using your skills, you could take your hobby to the next level by starting your own business.

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect if you haven’t done it before, there are so many legal aspects to running a business – right? Yes, there are but there are also many resources available, all designed to take you step by step through the process. Maybe it’s financial reasons preventing you from following your dreams. A lack of funds can be overcome by applying for funding, bursaries and loans, bad credit loans monthly payments can be arranged for situations where a poor credit score is holding you back.

Take stock of your current working situation and if you feel as though you would like a change, read on for inspiration.

Take stock

Grab a piece of paper and write a list of what you like about your current job, then on the opposite side of the page, list everything that you dislike. If your list of dislikes are greater than likes, you should consider taking steps to make changes.  Then make a list of all the current skills and interests you have, ensure you list skills external to your work life too. Once you see your skills in black and white you will be able to clearly develop a job profile of your ideal job. If you have problems during this stage you could consider hiring the expertise of a career advisor.

If your skills lie in creating products or services, could these skills be used to start a business? Many people realise that their skills are saleable when people start asking them to make something on a regular basis. Word of mouth is powerful within local communities and if you find yourself inundated with requests you should charge for your skills accordingly.

Make a plan

If you are interested in developing or changing your career, it is likely that you will need to retrain or at least update your current skills in order for you to be employable in your sector of interest. You have many training options available, firstly check out which qualifications are recognized in the sector, there’s no point in paying out for a course which isn’t recognized and there are many online courses which don’t offer recognized qualifications. Do lots of research before parting with any money.

Research courses available at your local college, university or online training providers, it may be possible for you to retrain or update skills whilst continuing to work in your current job. If you need to give up work in order to concentrate on retraining, look at funding options available and carefully research whether the option is financially feasible.

If you wish to launch your own business selling a product a product or service, lots of planning and research is needed. It is really important to be absolutely certain that your products are saleable, to do this you need to undertake some market research with your target audience. It’s all well and good when family and friends praise your products, however they will have a tendency to be biased. You need to get feedback from members of the public. If feedback is good, fantastic, if you get negative feedback, don’t be despondent, listen carefully and make changes as necessary.

Take action!

So now you have taken positive steps to change your worklife, make sure you carry them out! It is so easy to procrastinate and put off plans until tomorrow, but the old adage “tomorrow never comes” is true! Humans are naturally resistant to change, even if they know that deep down the change will lead to a better situation. Motivation is key, if it helps develop an image of how you would love your work life to be as an end result. You could do this by creating a collection of images to stick on your fridge, or pintrest is excellent for ideas and mood boards. Revisit the reasons why you want to make changes to keep your motivation fresh. Studying and retraining will not always be easy, but if you keep the end result at the forefront of your mind, you are more likely to achieve your dreams.

Similarly launching a new business is not without pitfalls, on occasions you may wonder why you started the process in the first place! If you stick with it, imagine the financial gain as well as job satisfaction from doing something you are passionate about. We spend such a huge amount of our life working, if you do something you love you will feel happier and more fulfilled as a person.

To achieve the impossible you just need to make small steps in the right direction. You also need to be a little bit brave, to make this easier it’s good to develop contingencies so that if you encounter any difficulties the impact will be cushioned. For example a contingency fund will allow you to continue in business if your profits are not as much as planned for.

Good luck!