Take Action Against Anxiety And Depression

Now more than ever we’re beginning to see how our mental well being can impact heavily on our physical health. But in an age of manic busyness, of never having time to finish our work, not putting quite enough into our family life and barely making time for ourselves, we often neglect what’s going on inside.

If you’re worried about someone who you think might be experiencing depression or anxiety then here are some symptoms to look out for and some ideas on how to reduce some the problems associated with them.

Have you noticed your friend, colleague or family member becoming more and withdrawn, less motivated and beginning to take less care of themselves? Chances are you have good reason to be worried and to keep a close eye on what’s going in with them.

You may find your good intentions rejected almost immediately. Unless someone is ready to talk they may take a while before they admit that something is wrong. Don’t give up on them though and be ready to be a listening ear.

If it’s you that’s feeling the stresses and strains of life and are beginning to worry that you might be suffering from anxiety or depression, then now’s the time to try and step back from the situation if you can and assess what’s going on.

Be truthful with yourself, what in particular is making you feel the way you do? If it’s your job, can you take some time off or talk to a colleague about what’s going on? If it’s a family situation then give yourself permission to remove yourself from the stress, at least for a little while in order to give your emotions a fighting chance of getting back on an even keel.

If you feel that you can’t handle it yourself you should speak to a professional as soon as you can. Don’t ignore your symptoms which might also include wanting to withdraw from everyday life, irrational anger and being given to emotional outbursts for little reason. If you can carry out some of your own self help to give you some calm and space that will help so if you enjoy some guided meditation or can learn some deep breathing exercises, that will certainly distract and calm you when you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed.

You can help yourself, you can see your doctor, you can even push through and try to battle on but if there’s one thing you can do that will really make a difference it’s to let the people around you who love you know what’s going on.

Your family and friends want the best for you and love you. Start the ball rolling and gather up your courage today, whether it’s you or someone else you know your mental health is of the utmost importance.

Letting someone know what you’re going through isn’t weak, it’s brave, dealing with the root cause of your depression or anxiety is the first step towards emotional freedom. Take it today.