Australia’s Most Amazing Places

Australia is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has huge areas where humans do not live and that have been left for nature to deal with. It has no shortage of natural wonders including dense forests, sweeping deserts and endless valleys. They are all just waiting there for visitors to enjoy.

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

For more than 7,000 years rare species have been making Rottnest Island their home. Sitting just off the coast of Western Australia, it is an ideal place to visit especially if you are traveling from Perth. When you have landed and been to the airport car hire to pick up your vehicle, head for the coast and take a boat to this wonderful island as you will not see anything like it anywhere else in the world.

The Bungle Bungle Range, Western Australia

The rocks of the Bungle Bungle Range are rounded at the top and have been likened to a giant beehive. It is not just the rocks that are beautiful though. The endless blue skies that surround them and the golden plains that they rest on all add to some amazingly beautiful scenery in Western Australia.

The Coastal Walk From Bondi To Coogee

Bondi beach is a truly beautiful area that is very popular with tourists. However, take a walk along the coast road to Coogee and you will find the sights are even more amazing. The walk goes along the cliff tops so you also get wonderful views of miles around.

Along this route, you will get to see the famous 12 Apostles, waterfalls, surf breaks and jagged cliffs among many other things.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are one of the geographic wonders of the world. Situated in New South Wales they are well above sea level and include rugged cliffs as well as beautiful gardens and many people travel here to get some relaxing time. The landscapes provide some amazing photo opportunities, plenty to use for your social media posts.

Daintree Rainforest

Although Australia is best known for its beaches and the outback it also has large areas of lush rainforests too.  Lying alongside the Daintree River, this particular rainforest is alive with plants and wildlife giving photographers some wonderful sights to snap. Your lens will also find numerous waterfalls, magical birds and deep gorges among the trees.

Adelaide Hills

If you love open hills dotted with pretty trees and the grape vines grown in this wine region of South Australia, Adelaide Hills is the ideal place to visit. It is at its most beautiful in the spring and fall, but still has a charm about it for the rest of the year.

Natural Beauties Of Australia

These are just a few of the natural beauties of Australia, there are many more. You could find your way to the Fleurieu Peninsula for sandy dunes and rolling hills along the coastline. Lake McKenzie on the largest sand dune in the world, Fraser Island, is a rare freshwater lake with pure blue waters. It does not matter which state in Australia you visit, speak with the locals and they will tell you where the most beautiful places are.