Simple Ways To Start Eating Healthier In The New Year

Many of us resolve to start a healthy eating plan at the start of a new year, especially after a Christmas diet of turkey, chocolate, and mince pies. However, many of us often fall by the wayside with our plans too, and our good intentions to improve our diet often goes out of the window for some of these reasons. To ensure you don’t falter with your healthy eating plans (assuming you are thinking about making that common resolution), here are some ideas that we think you will find useful.

  1. Learn to cook some new recipes. Not only do we resolve to eat healthier at the start of the year, but some of us also make the resolution to try something new with our life. Combine the two then, and both a) learn to cook, if you don’t yet have the confidence in the kitchen, and b) learn to make some healthy recipes; those foods that you will enjoy eating, and not consider a necessary chore in a bid to stay healthy. By doing both of these things, you will have less need to buy takeaways or processed food, and have the impetus to start eating a healthier diet.
  2. Buy some smaller plates. If you have the tendency to fill your plate when serving up your meals, you may end up overeating, especially if your plates fall on the large side. To trick your brain into healthier eating then, purchase some smaller crockery, so your portion will look bigger, even when it isn’t! Of course, you still need to ensure the food you are putting on your plate is healthy in the first place!

  3. Eat healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods. Chocolate brownies? Cheesecake? Pizza? Yes please! All yummy foods, but unfortunately, not very good for us. Or are they? Yes, especially if you use healthy ingredients when preparing them. Follow the link, and you will never have to feel guilty again when indulging in your favorite comfort foods.

  4. Order your food online. A trip to the supermarket can be a dangerous thing, and we aren’t talking about getting shoved in the knee with somebody’s shopping trolley. While you might go to the supermarket with good intentions, perhaps with an eye to fill your basket with all kinds of fruit and veggies, you might get distracted. One moment you’re in the salad aisle, the next you’re in the bakery section, and your shopping basket is weighed down with all manner of baked (and sugary) goodies. Therefore, consider shopping online instead. In theory, you will have less temptation to stock your cart with unhealthy items, as you can only focus on those items that are good for you. Not only will this benefit your health, but it will benefit your pocket too, as there will be no nasty surprises at the checkout. Of course, supermarkets are not your only port of call if you want to eat healthier. You might also order from a meal delivery service, choosing those meals that are good for you when planning what to eat for dinner throughout the week.

Your healthy eating plans don’t have to go to waste if you follow our ideas, so consider our suggestions, and put them into practice now, and continue on with them throughout the new year and beyond. Take care, and thanks for reading!