13 Best Kept Secrets That Help You Augment The Allure Of Kitchens

I am super excited to bring you this guest post from Shelly over at Museum Trees to help perk up your kitchen!

A kitchen is where you start the day with a cup of coffee. It is also the place where you meet as a family. So, it has to be beautiful and attractive. Maybe you are looking to give your kitchen a nice makeover.

Here are 13 ideas that can make it awesome place right away.

1. Remove what is not necessary

In most of the homes, the kitchen becomes a dumping ground. As such, de-cluttering is essential to give a facelift to the kitchen. If you cannot remember when you have used a particular pan or a knife set; get rid of them immediately. Better, take an inventory first, and remove all that is not required in the kitchen. This will help you in your journey to beautifying the kitchen.

2. Make use of the power of the paint

Coloring can instantly transform the look and feel of the kitchen. But you can never get a colorful kitchen by chance. The secret lies in the smart selection of the color palettes. If you do not want to change the counter and the cabinet colors, let those be like that. Pick a neutral color for the walls matching with the existing color. This will make your kitchen unique.

3. Update with lights

A kitchen is the heart of the house. Many functions are performed there. So, there is no way to settle with outdated lighting. Illuminate the countertop and the working zone with under-the-cabinet lights. Also, use chandeliers and pendant light for the kitchen island and the dining area. They will create a magical ambiance. For showcasing the culinary collections, use accent lights. This will pop up the kitchen décor.

4. A good layout holds the key

A kitchen has five functions: preparation, cooking, cleaning, serving, and storage. Only a good layout can augment the allure of the kitchen. The first step to do this is to separate these different activity zones. Do the kitchen layout taking these activities into account. And, also keep necessary things in the specific zone for organizing the kitchen.

5. Include a kitchen island

Having a kitchen island makes the kitchen more advantageous. Better to have L-shaped kitchen islands. These make the kitchen smarter. Even the guests also like to crowd around the island when they enter the kitchen. Paint it in a bold color and hang chandeliers from the ceiling to pop the place up.

6. A Kitchen library helps

Trying new recipes adds a new dimension to guest entertainment. Maybe you have collected many cookbooks over the years. Display this proudly to enliven the kitchen. You may build a separate cabinet for this. Otherwise, create an island library. This will be a great leap forward for upgrading the kitchen area.

7. Have heavy-duty floating shelves

Creating floating shelves are perfect for displaying your storage. These are generally made of wood. Of course, you can also install metal floating shelves. Better opt for the heavy-duty floating shelves. These come with hidden mounting options. You can display your stock of cooking utensils and accessories for an impressive look.

8. Trick with cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are not merely functional; they can very well add to the kitchen decor. Build these up to the ceiling. This will draw the eyes upwards and make the ceiling appear higher. Paint the lower cabinets in deep shade and the higher cabinets in the lighter shades.

9. Utilize the cabinet doors

The cabinet doors remain unutilized most of the times. But these have immense storage potential. You can fix hooks on the back of the cabinet door. This will let you hang many things there. You can also make cute pockets for keeping the knives, forks etc.

10. Create a colorful backsplash

Backsplashes are great for styling and functionalities. Have them in the kitchen in the cooking and washing zones. One idea is to use colored tiles. These can instantly upgrade the kitchen. Other than beautification, they also protect the walls from accidental splashes. If you want to make it fancier, then opt for metal backsplashes.

11. Create an accent wall

Although easy to create, it has a great impact on the kitchen decoration. Choose the wall that you see first while stepping into the kitchen. Paint it in bold contrasting colors for prominence. This will improve the overall ambiance of your kitchen.

12. Never forget the fifth wall

Painting the ceiling also helps to beautify the kitchen. The thumb rule is to use a lighter shade than the walls. The kitchen will look more spacious. Light blue is a great option. You can also use any other shade that goes well with the overall decoration.

13. Decorate with commercial silk trees

Nothing can elevate a kitchen better than the faux greens. These are in ways better than the live plants. They have no maintenance demand and only dusting is enough to maintain their shine. Moreover, they are inert to the temperature variation and fat and grease deposition.

Crafted from prime quality materials the fake decorative trees cover almost all natural varieties. These also offer unique customization facilities to suit any décor needs. Unlike the live plants, they do not have any waiting period and deliver instant decoration.

The custom artificial trees perfectly replicate their live cousins. Coming in standard bases they are easy to install. These are quite durable and do not shed leaves. As such, they do not create any mess. Since they are also available in fire-retardant quality, your kitchen remains safe.

Using the artificial Ficus Benjamina trees works splendidly well with all kitchen styles. With their nicely crafted trunks and canopy of leaves, they make the kitchen picturesque. Artificial flowering trees are also great to enliven the kitchen area. Another great advantage is that they never cause allergy, or attract mosquitoes. So, you have a healthy kitchen environment.


The secret of ultimate kitchen makeover lies in improving functionality and aesthetics. The above ideas show how to achieve that without spending much. Try to implement the above ideas in your kitchen. They are sure to make your kitchen look gorgeous.