5 Reason Why Moms Use Props for Newborn Photo Shoots

I’m thrilled to bring you this great guest post by Jennifer over at Teach.Workout.Love about why moms should use props for their newborn photo shoots. I can see it in my own little one the importance of taking lots of photos – he has already grown so much in just 3 months! I actually just e-mailed an area photographer this week about having some professional photos taken of Lil Bean, Robb, and I.

New mommies are always trying to think of every single thing that they need in order to bring the baby back home from the hospital. One thing that gets forgotten is taking newborn photos either at the hospital or when returning home because it is always so chaotic. However, it is a really good idea to make sure to schedule it into the first couple of weeks of your newborn’s life. You will not regret it!

Scheduling it before the baby is born can help with the stress of postpartum. When planning for a newborn photo shoot, there are lots of options of how to take the picture, what outfit, what props etc. Why do moms think they need to have props in their photos? Toyzor.com provides great choices for moms for newborn photo props for both boy and girls. Let’s talk about a few reasons to have props in your photos and then you determine what works best for you.

  1. They make the picture more fun. There are so many cute and fun props that you can use for each photo, the more the better!
  2. You can use them for cards. You will be using these for some sort of card, whether it be holiday or baby announcements or even just pictures on your social media, you are going to want to use these photos.
  3. It is a time to remember. Never again are they this tiny, so being able to save the times and remember them, this is the best way to do it with a newborn photo shoot.
  4. Everyone will want a copy. For sure, everyone will want a copy! Being able to get a variety for family members is a great option too during this photo shoot.
  5. Make great wall photos. Looking for pictures to start going on your walls? This would be a great bunch of photos to print out on canvas’s and hang up in your home.

Here are some great examples of newborn props all found at Toyzor.com:

Thanks Jennifer! Make sure to check out her blog!


  1. March 14, 2018 / 10:10 pm

    I never thought to do newborn photos except what hubby took at the hospital. But I DO love seeing newborn photos. they’re so cute!

    • emielli
      March 23, 2018 / 8:32 am

      Aren’t they though? We still haven’t taken any but I have taken plenty with my own cell phone and camera!

  2. Karley Moore
    March 23, 2018 / 11:47 am

    I love all the new photos that people are doing…so much better than the regular dept. store photos we got 25 years ago!

    • emielli
      March 23, 2018 / 1:41 pm

      🙂 When my granny passed away, we found a folder in her house stuffed with photos of me in a huge puffy sailor dress that she had made. Let’s just say those will stay hidden.

  3. Cassandra
    March 27, 2018 / 10:34 pm

    Yes!! I have found a photographer I would like to do newborn photos vs the hospital, as I don’t think they spend enough time (so my friends says, as well as other moms). What about photos right before birth, around 7-8 months? Those seem to be popular as well. We didn’t do any announcements photos, so I’m wondering about that as my husband thinks it will be nice to reminisce on.

    I will definitely check out this website, but their server is down right now. So saving in my bookmarks! Thank you!

    • emielli
      April 3, 2018 / 9:07 am

      We didn’t do any maternity photos or announcement photos. I had plans on doing maternity photos before I gave birth but time just got away from me. :-/ I think it will be nice to have a decent photo taken though – maybe to frame up in the house!

  4. Romi
    March 27, 2018 / 10:36 pm

    Too cute